Monday, 24 July 2006


I seem to have lost my passion for blogging. I am no longer a blogaholic. I'm not building huge stores of blog poststo be used at a later date, I'm not going back over past posts and re-editing them. I can't be botherd to blog.

I thing it may be a symptom of depression. Well, that and a reluctance to sneek onto the net while temping. I'd feel guilty about taking advantage of the Cancer Charilty where I'm working especialy when I'd get the boot straight away if Igot cought.

Oh for the days when i had a proper job and I sneekily blogged about my colleagues while I was suposed to be working . . . that was fun.

This office is boring. In 5 weeks I have had hardly any blogging fodder. I can only think of 2 incidents to tell you about. The're funny incidents but not very substantial. The first was when one of the secretarys noticed George with his head in his hands and a look of pain on his face.

"George, are you ok?"
"yeah, I'm just thinking and it hurts"

The second was when the Marketing Guy got back from a meeting a Deutchabank and a middle aged man from finance came over to see how it went.

"So how did it go with the krauts?"

Needless to say the office decended into a stunned silence as we turned to look at each other with looks of profound shock on our faces that anyone so seniour could be so un-PC, in such a loud voice, in front off a whole office full of people.

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