Tuesday, 13 June 2006

There's no place like home

It's strange being back.

Everything seems to be exactly as I left it, except the nice new bathroom mum had installed.

The biggest changes have been on the High Road. Marks & Spencer has closed down, Nandos and Quiznos have opend up, KFC now has a seating area and my local newsagent has has morphed into an off-licence.


  1. M&S closing down ..........now that has to be a sign of the times. It has to be a good time of the year to return to the UK, summer time and we are having a hot spell. Hope you keep posting.

  2. Plus the world cup! Nothing like watching the World Cup at home.

  3. How do you do… the shops

    Don’t come again

    Everyone’s been to the shops, hold on, everyone’s been to the shops that isn’t currently the unfortunate offspring of Michael Jackson’s fish pond. Blanket, he sees no evil, yet feels some evil, that boy is an unwilling consumer of organics.

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