Thursday, 20 April 2006

The quick catch up

When my west coast tour ended I waved good bye to Brit boy and Kiwi girl, breathed a sign of relief and jumped on a flight to Darwin.

That was a while ago. About a month in fact. I fell behind with the blogging* and have been desperately trying to catch up. But I really can't be bothered any more. So here is the lightning quick version of the last 4 weeks.

Darwin - Was very hot and very humid.
Darwin to Alice Springs tour - Our tour guide whispered some incredibly filthy things in my ear as we were playing pool, so I'd be distracted and he'd win. It worked.
Devils Marbles - Big round rocks, we climbed to the top of a big pile of them to watch the sun go down.
Alice Springs - small town with nothing to do.
Uluru - Giant rock, the novelty wore off after about 20 mins. I didn't climb it out of respect for the wishes of the Aboriginal landowners and the fact that it's fucking steep and even if I made it to the top I'm not sure I could get back down.
Kings canyon & Garden of Eden - Amazing
Kata Tjuta (The Olgas)- A beautiful place and a much more enjoyable walk than the Uluru base walk.
Coober Peady - Very weird little town.**
Adelaide (again) - This time I stayed in the best hostel ever, every evening they have FREE apple pie and ice cream. Backpacker heaven !

*internet access at the Uluru campsite was $1 for 5 mins!!!
**Did you know you can become an opal miner with a mine of your very own for just $65 plus the cost of a pick axe!


  1. How much longer are you staying out there?

  2. I only have one more week then its off to Asia for a month before landing back home with a big thud.