Tuesday, 14 February 2006

The return of the Nekked Canadian

The Party people are back in the hostel !!!!

These include 2 of the Scottish alcoholics and the Nekked Canadian (sleeps buck naked and kicks off the bed covers in the middle of the night) who have given up fruit picking in Shepperton in favor of erecting marquees for the Commonwealth Games.

The cute one was quite touchy feely with me in the pub last night to the annoyance of the Spice Girls who couldn't understand why he wasn't paying them any attention.

I fucking hate those hair-toss girly girls, we all do. Four eighteen year old canadians without a clue between them. Back in Vancouver you just know that they were the 'hot girls' in their school and had their pick of the boys. But what they don't realize is, that shit doesn't work in the backpacker world, especially when you are dealing with British guys.

They don't want to socialize with some air head bimbo who expects you to pay for her prissy cocktails all night. They want a girl who can have a laugh and buys her own beer.

I over heard 3 of them in a toilet cubicle. One was in tears and the others were consoling her...
"Forget about him!"
"We're here and we love you. Britny and Tiffany are here for you Cindy, and WE love you !!!"
etc, etc until we banged on the door to get them out - there was a long que forming...

After they left the pub, we had a long and drunken discussion about how much everyone at the hostel hates them and how fucking annoying they are. There just so wrapped up in themselves and their tiny little world that they haven't got a clue about this one.

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  1. So do we take it that you won't be travelling with these girls when you move on.

    Enjoy reading about your adventures.