Friday, 13 January 2006

25 ways to pass time on boring journeys

1. File nails
2. Read guide books
3. Read novel
4. Listen to music
5. Read newspaper/magazine
6. Play the car game
7. Play the pub sign game
8. Count the seconds to the next rest stop
9. Eat
10. Drink
11. Annoy the other passengers by having a really loud conversation on your mobile
12. Write blog posts in note book
13. Write travel journal
14. Write post cards
15. Start a conversation with a complete stranger
16. Sleep
17. Fight your travel sickness
18. Stare at the person across form you until they get uncomfortable and freak out or hit you
19. Count species of road kill
20. Make up a back story for the other passengers
21. Make faces at kid in cars
22. Make faces at lorry drivers
23. Try and figure out how you spent $12.75 on snacks at the last service station
24. Try and figure out how $12.75 worth of snacks only lasted 20 minutes
25. Stare out the window lost in thought about things you shouldn't be thinking about- get depressed and wish you'd remeberd to recharge your MP3 player last night.


  1. I notice 'Enjoy fantastic scenery' wasn't on there.

  2. That's 'cos I'm usualy on the night bus!