Wednesday, 28 December 2005

Things to do in Sydney when you're bored

I've done every (free or cheap) tourist thing there is to do in Sydney and I am now killing time until after the new year when the recruitment agencies open up again. I need a job and I need one now.

I also need to find an apartment, but that's not such a priority. I've lived in hostels for the past 6 months I can live in one for a few more. It would be really nice to be in a a house or apartment for a while though.

The hostel I stayed in in Surfers Paradise was apartment style (ie: it was a block of apartments that had been converted into a Backpackers Hostel). We has our own kitchen, and lounge room with TV & DVD player.

I can't tell you how nice it was to have such a nice living space and to be sharing it with only 10 other people instead of 100. Bliss, shier bliss, it was, I guess as nice as Surfers was it's not the town that made me stay there so long it was the apartment.

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  1. Having shared a tent with 13 other blokes for 6 months I know what you are talking about. Sometimes we take our own space for granted.