Thursday, 8 December 2005

Mid Air !

After coming back in the early hours rather the worse for wear a guy staying at my hostel managed to locate his room and clamber into his bed, the top bunk. He then fell asleep, rolled over and fell out.

He woke up when he hit the floor and in his drunk and disoriented state decided to leave the room and wander off down the corridor, without his key.

Some time later and after banging on a number of random doors, a guy who was rather pissed off at having his sleep disturbed let him into his room and told him he could sleep on the one unoccupied bed in the room, a top bunk.

This time he woke up in mid-air.


  1. And i'm sure tha drunk guy can't remember any of it.

  2. ahhh drub=nken days. how fonly i remmemmmm.......

    falls over


  3. At least he didn't wander in and use your bed as toilet ;)

  4. Never a dull moment with you guys there!!