Wednesday, 21 December 2005

I'm liking Sydney more and more every day

I always hate every city I go to on the first day, it's weird, but then, so am I.

I've been a busy little bee and plunged myself into the city and so far I have; taken 10 million pictures of the Opera House, walked the botanical gardens, signed up with 2 recruitment agency's, handed out 2 thousand CVs, walked the length of the 2 main shopping streets, found 2 places where I can use the internet for free, found a church (well a cathedral) for midnight mass on Christmas Eve, lost my shower gel, spent $15 on phone calls trying to find a flat share (yes $15!!!!!) and signed up for speed dating at the bar next do to my hostel. Not a bad tally for just under 3 days.


  1. Be kind of weird having a warm Christmas though I should imagine.

  2. It is very wierd, it doen't feel like christmas at all - its just too warm! There are decorations up all over the city and buskers playing carols but it just doesnt work.