Friday, 2 December 2005

Brain teaser

You are traveling through a Forrest inhabited by 2 tribes; the Truth Tellers and the Liars.

The Truth Tellers always tell the truth and provide a safe haven for travelers during the night while the liars (who are fierce cannibals) never tell the truth and like nothing better than chowing down on lost travelers.

It's getting late and you come to a fork in the road; one path leads to the truth tellers village and the other leads to the liars village.

There are no signs to point you in the right direction, but there is a man from one of the villages who you could ask for directions. The only problem is you don't know if he is a truth teller or a liar.

You can only ask him one question. What question do you ask to find out which path leads to the truth tellers village?


  1. How many tribes are there in this forest?

  2. Which way path will take me to your tribe?

  3. Pistola is correct!
    The liar lie to you abd point you in the direction of the truth tellers village, and the truth teller will tell you the truth and point you in the right driection.

    Dave, You'd find out if he was a truth teller or a liar but You only had one question and didn't find out which path to take.

    UniSol- well, we know where your priorities lie...