Tuesday, 15 November 2005

how much ?!

Having left the delights of Cairns for the wonders of Magnetic Island I am no longer able to spend hour after hour blagging free intenet at the Cairns branch of the internet cafe I used to work for. I now have to pay the princly sum of $2 for 15 whole mins.

Aparently one bloke owns all the internet facilities on the island and can therefore charge whatever the fuck he likes.


  1. I sense a business opportunity there ......

  2. That means you must have spent like almost $1 on this post.

    Gosh, now THAT is dedication.

  3. Thats a great name for an island.

    And is it?


  4. Well, aparently the rocks are magenteic and had a strange affect on the compas of Captian Cooks ship as he sailed past in 1770 'discovering' Australia.