Wednesday, 12 October 2005

Team Scandinavia

I was visited in the internet cafe by part of Team Scandinavia today. I met the Team while housekeeping on Daydream Island.

The team consists of six girls all of whom are (surprise, surprise) Scandinavian. There are 2 Danes, 2 Swedes and 2 Norweigans and they are all stereotypically blond haired and blue eyed except a lone renegade brunette.

There are 2 Finnish girls working with them in housekeeping who technically should be part of the team -what with them being Scandinavian and all, but they aren't because the rest of the team can't understand their language.

Apparently the Swedish, Danish and Norwegian languages have many similarities which means that speakers of one language are able to understand enough of the others to make communication possible. Where as Finnish is an entirely different language. So the others decided they couldn't be part of the 'team'.

That's quite bitchy really.

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