Tuesday, 18 October 2005

mystery unsolved

The Eileeen Brady mystery continues.
She just IM'd me on MSN messenger.

Eileen "Can you chat for a minute?"
Me "Yep" Maybe I'll find out who the bloddy hell she is
Me "I don't mean to be rude but who are you?"
Eileen "Earth girl it's Eileen !"
Yes I know that but how the hell do I know you ?
Eileen "I have to leave the office now I'll chat to you later."

Boy, that conversation was informative.

My friend thinks it could be some kind of scammer or spammer. Maybe I should block her just in case. But I'd feel awful if it was someone I should remeber but don't but I honestly can't ever remember any dealings with an Eileen, ever.


  1. If she e mails you an attachment be very wary of opening it. You know this anyway!!!
    Maybe she posted a comment ages ago.

    Still reading the blog.

    Good luck

  2. dear girl,
    There are many Quite famous Eileen Brady's.....an author, a bio-chemist, a charitable one in north west America and me, an x-ballerina. You choose your poision.
    Greetings again,
    Eileen B.P.