Friday, 23 September 2005

money - it would be nice to have some

So I'm in Arlie Beach, I'm sharing a room with bondage freaks and I'm completely broke. Well, that's a slight exaggeration, I have $14 in my Aussie bank account but I cant withdraw any of it because the ATM's here only carry 20s & 50s and there is no branch of my bank in town.

All my accommodation has had to go on my credit card and the only reason I haven't starved is because I had 5 packets of instant noodles in my bag and I used the last of my cash to buy a load of cheap fruit & veg at the local farmers market.

I spent the first 2 days in town looking for a job. I handed out about a million CVs but I know I won't get any replies. I could tell from the way they were looking at me that I wasn't the type of person they wanted to hire for there trendy cafe/party bar/locals only coffee shop. But I hit pay dirt on the second day with an internet cafe. The manager loved me and gave me the job on the spot. There was no messing around with application forms and resumes, I started training the next day. Sweet !

The only draw back was that I wouldn't get paid for 2 weeks, and I needed cash now !
So when my boss showed me the schedule and I saw that I had 6 days between my last training session and my first shift I decided that instead of sitting on my arse doing nothing, I would take myself off to Prosepine (the next town over) where the backpackers hostel guarantees work fruit picking.

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