Saturday, 10 September 2005

Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the worlds largest sand Island. It's also a must see on the Eastern Australia tourist route.

The most popular way of doing Fraser Island is the $ wheel drive self guided safari (it's also the cheapest option hence the popularity with travelers). The island can be accessed from the industrial town of Hervey Bay or the small beach town of Rainbow Beach. Anyone who books their Fraser Island tour through Peter Pan will end up taking their tour from the Dingos hostel at Rainbow Beach.

When you get to the hostel you are organized into groups of about 10 and these people will be your traveling companions for the duration of your 3 day 2 night stay. I was placed in a group with 3 Israeli boys doing a bit of traveling after finishing military service. 2 English girls from Leeds on Career breaks, an Irish guy on a working holiday and 2 exchange students (French and Swedish) on a weekend away from Brisbane University.

I knew instantly I wouldn't get on so well with my group. First off the Israeli guys were instantly drooling over the exchange girls (ok I'll admit they were stunning)and the English girls and Irish guy were all piss heads concerned with how much booze they were allowed to bring.

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