Tuesday, 20 September 2005

the big jump north

The Bundaberg plan was scrapped after I phoned round every single hostel in town and was informed that not a single one would check me in after 9pm because they are 'working' hostels and all the staff would have gone to bed by then in preparation for an early start (have they never heard of night staff?). This is a stupid policy as the Premier Coach Service bus doesn't arrive in Bundy until 11pm.

I decided to jump up a few stops on my itinery to Arlie Beach. Originally I wanted to go to Agnes Water and the town of 1770 but I only had enough money for about 2 nights accommodation and since it's such a tiny place I didn't rate my chances of finding any work there. Arlie Beach isn't all that big but it has a thriving tourist industry and so the chances of finding work in a cafe, bar or boat are much better.

Able Point Marina in Arlie Beach is the departure point for the Whitsunday Islands where a 2 night sailing trip is a must do on the backpacker trail. I had been told by a room mate in Rainbow Beech that the boats in Arlie Beech are always looking for Hosties (Hostesses who cook and clean for the guests) and deckhands. Pay is good and food an accommodation are provided free so you can walk away from a 3 day trip with about $300 in your pocket.

So, I said goodbye to Julia at Bundaberg. She had been told that the bus station hostel would let her in, but when the bus pulled away after 15 minutes loading and unloading passengers, she and 3 other girls were still waiting at the door for some one to answer the buzzer.

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