Wednesday, 24 August 2005

The call centre from hell

I got into work last night and was called into a team meeting. They told us that due to poor sales and low staff numbers they were transferring us all to the day shift and getting rid of the evening shift completely.

This sucks.

We now have to be at work for 8am instead of 2pm. Deep fry was off yesterday and nobody told him about the change. He turned up at 2pm expecting to start work, only to find that everyone else was finishing for the day.

Tomorrow I have to be in for 7.30am for training because my sales are so low.
I didn't sell a single plan today, I didn't even come close. Apparently my usual one sale a day has made me a priority for the 'under 5's' training session at stupid o'clock in the morning.

I'm quitting on Friday. The money sucks and I'm intending to head up north to go fruit picking. I'll play along with their stupid training and bide my time until the end of Friday when I will have qualified for my $200 retainer and then I'm out of there.

So long fair well, call centre from hell.

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