Thursday, 14 July 2005

just call me Mrs Mop

I have just finished a very long day cleaning other peoples houses with a strange little man who insisted on demonstrating correct way of dusting a shelf.

After yesterdays disasterous work session at the hostel the Job Club lady rescued me from the clutches of the inept General Manager with the offer of some paid cleaning work for a local contracter.

To cut a long and not very interesting story short I finished up the day with $60 cash in hand and the oportunity to come back tomorrow to scrub a patio untill it sparkles.

I'm gonna give it a miss this time. But I'll hang onto his number incase I get really desperate for money. It wasn't the best job I've ever had but it certainly isn't the worst (yesterdays washing out the bins from the hostel kitchens probably takes that prize position) and money is money after all.

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