Thursday, 30 June 2005

the city of angels

L.A sucks. It's a rubbish city to visit.
It's only worth staying 1 night spending more time that that there is a complete waste of time when there are hundreds of nicer places nearby. Every single person I spoke to agreed with me. No one liked Los Angelese.

As far as tourist attractions go. Manns Chinese theatre is tiny and very unimpressive up close. The walk of fame is filled with people who no one has ever heard of. The few true celebrity stars are few and far between.

Sunset strip is a joke and the Viper room is the one of the crappest clubs I've ever been to (it's like a dingy Camden bar). Its so small you can't swing a cat, and its full of pretentious Hollywood wankers. The only celeb I spotted the whole time was Ron Jeremy the Porn Star (he was on the British reality TV show The farm )

Public transport in LA sucks. Never ever ask a bus driver for help, they know jack shit and will send you on a 2 hour trip in the wrong direction when all you needed to do was get off at the next stop and turn left. If you ever find yourself in L>A do yourself a favor and get out the hell out of there as soon as you can.

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