Thursday, 16 June 2005

8 things about Vancouver

1. It is home to some absolutely terrible drivers.
2. It has the most homeless people in the whole of Canada. The homeless gravitate there because of the mild climate. The weather in Vancouver is similar to England and it doesn't get the harsh winters the rest of the country suffers.
3. Vancouver must be the fountain center of the world. Every corner you turn yields another fountain. They're pretty, but damn there's alot of them.
4. People in Vancouver love their dogs. Every other person has a dog in a handbag or a Golden retriever.
5. Vancouverites Love Sushi. I have never seen so many Sushi bars in a ll my life. (the best one was in Yaletown and did 22 pieces ofr $4!!!)
6. The Mountains that surround Vancouver are spectacular.
7. They have electric busses.
8. British Columbia and Vancouver in particular are world renowned for the quality of their marijuana. And Everyone smokes it. Not a day will go but when you wont smell it floating out of an open window, passing car or on a passing twenty something. But then with the areas strange alcohol laws it's not hard to see why young uns turn to weed instead of drink. There are only 7 shops in the whole city that are licensed to sell alcohol. Buying booze takes planning time and effort.

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  1. 7 government shops but still tons of licenced sellers.