Monday, 23 May 2005

training my replacements

Since I handed in my notice I have spent many, many hours writing a comprehensive guide to doing my job. It has a glossary of acronyms, 2 pages of hints and tips and a step by step guide to using the computer software.

Nether of them have bothered to read it.

How do I know? I know because they keep asking me stupid questions that are thoroughly covered in my guide book.

When I started this job my predecessor left me a guide which I referred to constantly for the first few weeks. This meant that I only had to disturb my colleague on the odd occasion when something wasn't covered in the
guide or not explaned properly.

Why can't these ninnys do the same ?


  1. The inevitability of the standard of cretinitude among replacements is legendary.

    Having said that, I am a replacement at the mo, after my Line Manager left. But I have made copius notes on his procedures.

    You see, you should have had me as a replacement.

  2. Please! I need poaching! I feel my job is going to disappear into a black pit of nothingness quite rapidly...

  3. In that case I think you should do what I did and jack it all in to go traveling. It's the only answer !

  4. I've done that unfortunately. Maybe I should become a spy instead?

  5. Meant to say, by the way - good luck! When do you leave?

  6. I fly out on 6th June. But I will be keeping a blog so you can see what I've been upto.

  7. Marvellous - how long is it for?

  8. I don't know !
    I expect to be away for at least a year, but it could be longer. . .