Wednesday, 20 April 2005

the fern cotton disclaimer

To All the people who come to this blog via searches for pictures of Fern Cotton or sexy photos of Fern Cotton, or Fern Cotton porn. I appologise.

There are NO pictures of Fern on this site. I mentioned her once briefly in a post about the Chronicles of Riddick Premier and again in a summary of searches that brought up my page.

However being the kind soul that I am I have found the following Fern cotton picture links for you. However please note that these are wholesome child freindly pictures of Fern being her annoyiongly happy kids tv prersenter self.

I doubt there is any Fern cotton porn out there becouse she's just to nice to have posed for any.


  1. Of course now you are gonna have increased the amount of times you get hits from people looking for porn pictures of Fern.

  2. I don't know about that but I am the number 1 result for the search 'hot girls coverd in chocolate' !!!!!