Tuesday, 22 March 2005

world water day

Today is World Water Day. The only reason I know this is because google had one of their themed logos highlighting the event.

If it wasn't for this I never would have known.

As with World Aids Day this seems to be an event that the British press deem unworthy of coverage.

The only related media news broadcast on this mornings bulletins was a piece about how a hose pipe & sprinkler ban would be coming into effect at the end of this month because of low rain fall this winter, which could possible result in a drought this summer. You'd think that in a piece like that they'd mention world water day? Surely it would have come up in their research?

Even the Metro newspaper, which jumps on, any passing bandwagon failed to mention it. Now if it had been speculated by a scientist somewhere that water causes cancer, they would have written up the story in a shot.


  1. Now, if there was a story about a Muslim, pregnant, gypsy bucket of water that was looking for an abortion even the Mail would run the story. Mind you, they'd get so carried away stirring up the middle aged middle classes about some irrelevence they would still fail to mention World Water Day.

  2. I'm waiting for the press relase from the London Mayors office in which Ken Livingston announces 'London Water Day'. A multi cultural-multi ethnic celebration of the diversity of Londons water supply, which will be celebrated with a £15 million water festival in Trafalgar Sq and a 10 course banquet for the heads of local comunity groups to celebrate the comissioning of a new and of course politicaly correct fountain in the middle of Oxford Circus (which will be pedestrianised specialy)