Friday, 4 February 2005

I am a geek

An email titled 'the geek test' did the rounds at work yesterday.

It consisted of a spreadsheet quiz (you know the type) with a long list of questions which you answer yes and no to.

I had the highest geek quotiant in the office with 53% . . .

Other scores were:

Helen 38%
Carl: 38%
Julia: 23%
Aidan: 35%
Louise: 48%
Gareth: 40%
Affie: 18%
Gabbi: 23%
Russell: 15% (liar)

Lisa declared that she knew I would be the biggest geek as I like Sci-Fi. This was from a woman who answerd yes to going round to her friends just to play trivial persuit, liking number puzzles AND being able to solve a Rubik's cube without peeling off the stickers.

I answerd NO to both those questions and still scored higher than her. Watching the sci-fi channel should not make me a geek!

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