Thursday, 24 February 2005

hot topics of office conversation - 5

Today’s hot topic was the Tube linesof the London Underground. Specifically which ones are the best & worst.

The District, Circle and Hammersmith & City Lines were deemed the worst as they are completely unreliable. The Jubilee line and The DLR were voted the best as they always run on time and hardly ever have any disruptions.

The DLR also gets extra points for being elevated and driverless which means you can sit at the front of the train and pretend you are driving. There are also a couple of points (when it's heading through Canary Wharf) where it goes up and down steep tracks and around sharp bends like a slow and unscary roller coaster.

Wouldn't it be great if there actually was a roller coaster you could use to get around the city? You'd actually look forward to going to work . Unless you had a hangover. . .

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  1. You'd also have to fight for seat space with packs of boy scouts trying to eat their packed lunches while upside down.