Wednesday, 9 February 2005

backpacker scum

While I'm on the topic of annoying people in my office, let me say a word or two about the backpacker scum we employ.

I have noting against backpackers, what I have issue with are the backpackers who can't stop taking about where they've been, what they did what a brilliant time they had etc... These people need to shut the fuck up. Yeah, you has a great time, but most people don't give a fuck and definaly don't want to hear about it, time and time again.

There are 2 girls in particular who I have issue with, they both did the whole Thailand/Australia/New Zealand thing and now every time they are together they talk about it. 'Fair enough' you would think, 'what's the harm in that?' I hear you ask.

The harm comes when the person sitting next to you is obviously becoming extreemly upset by your coversation to the point where tears are briming and about to pour forth. I don't know why my collegue was so updet by there conversation. Perhaps it was reminding her of her missed oportunities or something she's always wanted to do but knows she never will.

People whove been traveling should shut the fuck up in consideration of other people.

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  1. you sound interesting, not like other women. why don't you try travelling? Beats the rat race anyday.