Thursday, 6 January 2005

Open Letter to my fellow commuters

To people who get on trains and then just stop in the doorway ignoring the platform full of people who are trying to get on behind you.

You are going to get barged. You are going to get shoved, pushed and jostled and we the people trying to get on the train after you are NOT going to apologise.

Why should we be late for work becouse you are stupid and inconsiderate ?

Did you ever consider the fact that people might like to get on the train behind you ?

Did you stop to think that if people didn't push their way on behind you they wouldn't be able to get on the train?

Did you consider the fact that maybe, just maybe if, when you got on the train you imediatly moved inside the train carrage instead of standing in the middle of the doorway your fellow commuters might not hate you with all their being?

Stop being so fucking Selfish and Stupid and move down inside the carrage !!!!!


  1. What a beautiful rant to greet the New Year with!

    Well done Earth Girl! You tell them!