Monday, 10 January 2005

hot chocolate - the saga continues

What do you blog about on a monday, when you've done nothing all weekend.

On Sunday I had an OK cup of hot chocolate in the National Gallery cafe.
It could have been better. There was a big mass of coco powder at the botton where they haddn't mixed it properly and it was slightly bitter. However, they do get an 'A' for presentation for the nice mug and foamy milk topping coverd in chocolate sprinkles. If only they haddn't run out of Danish Pastries.

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  1. As a connoisseur of hot beverages, I thought you might appreciate my recent experience.

    I'm on a course in Euston this week, and just had a cafe au lait. I never thought coffee could taste like cat wee until actually tasting this.

    Despite what I thought, I managed to get to the end. I wish I hadn't now.