Saturday, 1 January 2005

Google Me

The searches which have resulted in people reading my blog in 2004

1. 'Mozzerella' x3
1. 'Muay Thai' x3
1. 'Vin Desil' x3
1. 'Shag' x3

2. 'Cheesey' x2
2. 'Michelle Rodriges' x2
2. 'John Seena' x2 ( no 2)

3. 'organizing secret santa'

4. 'dirty Madona' (number 9 and the only link to a non porn site!)

5. 'crazy4 jesus blog' - (why would anyone wnat to read what that nutter writes?)

6. 'The Waitress by Melissa Nathan' (I still think it's a shit book)

7. 'fern cotton pictures sexy' (I'm surprised anyone managed to find the link to my page in the minefield of porn this search generated)

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