Saturday, 29 January 2005

Ester Williams, move over!

Welcome to another blog post from somewhere other than work, or my PC.

Today I have the pleasure of blogging from the internet cafe of my aunts gym. Today is their open day and therefore my entire family have decended on the ill prepaired eatablishment for a day of free gym usage. I was particularly enamourd of their swimming pool which I spent a good 2 hours frolicing in with my young cousins, it was only the chill of the water that drove me to leave and seek the comforting warmth of the babypool with 4 my year old cousin. We were having a great time on the rubber duckie slide until the life guard informed us that there was dihorea in the pool.

Cholera here I come. My next post will probably be from a hospital bed.

PS: they do the worst tasting hot chocolate I have ever had. If I had wanted hot milk with chocolate sprinkles I would have asked for it.

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