Monday, 24 January 2005

depression monday

Today is officialy the most depresing day of the year, according to the media.

It's certainly cold enough for it.

2.15 update.

I have been some what cheerd up by the Rum cake that has been brought in by one of the secretaries after her barbados holiday. I am also highly amused by the big Pink Lorry parked under my window. It has 'Carolines Effluent Services' written on it in swirly girly handwriting. I bet the big burly drain clearing blokes love riding around in that !!!


  1. Carolines Effluent Services7 December 2007 at 22:13

    Hey, i am the owner of the big pink lorry! The one and only pink lorry driven by a women! Im glad it amused you, it has that effect on people, i am amazed by how many people have pictures of my lorry on their websites. I appreciate it though. Has made my day =]
    Caroine x

  2. Hey Caroline... I've certainly noticed your tanker too, usually queuing up to cross Walton Bridge, and it's always made me smile too. I think you've got a great "brand", and I've posted it on my blog about design and branding here: