Sunday, 26 December 2004

Christmas Day

I hate christmas day.

Well, I hat christmas afternoon and evening. The morning is ok. We have a fry up for breakfast open presents and lay the table while mum cooks Lunch.

Then my family turn up and the misery begins. First of all there are a lot of them. Half of them are boysterous kids who I have to keep an eye on and entertain becouse their parents, quite simply, can't be arsed.

The dining tabel isn't beg enough for every one so all the kids eat around the coffiee table in the living room. Don't ask me how or why they did it but one of them managed to wedge a roast potato under the TV stand.

After diner the kids spread out around the house creating noise, kaos and distruction and leaving chocholate wrappers like a trail of breadcrumbs in their wake. The adults sit in the living room with the tely turned up to maximum while they shout at each other.

As with most forign families they get very loud when they are together. They all seem to be cometing with each other to be heard and of course some one always wants to watch the telly so they turn the volume up so they can hear it. So the rest of them talk even louder to be heard over the TV.

Meanwhile I am running round the house like Mary Poppins on speed putting batteries in toys, mopping up spilled drinks, wiping choclate fingerprints from from the walls and furniture and keeping the four year old amused.

By 6 o'clock I'm tired grumpy and can't wait for them to leave so I can go to sleep.

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