Friday, 15 October 2004

time flies. . .

I hate to say it but I have been too busy to blog. Well that's a lie. I have had the time but after sitting in front of a computer screen all day at work I don't really want to sit in front of another one when I get home.

This week I have started another game of email scrabble with 2 friends and am currently kicking their arses by 50 points. Been for anomalous Monday night drinks. Sent my holiday snaps off to the developers and took pity on my next door neighbours teenage son who was locked out and sitting on the wall in the cold and so invited in for a cup of tea.

I also went to a posh 'do' - the proceeds of which were going to the charity I work for. Attending posh fund raising events are one of the few compensatory perks of working for a charity. A couple of times a year we get dolled up, slap on the make up with a trowel and cram our feet into some ridiculously painful (but very pretty) girl shoes so we can do the hostess thing at the door of the event, sell raffle tickets at £10 a time and assist in the auction. In return for doing this we get a slap up meal full of everyday veg with fancy French names, enough booze to keep us merry and the best goody bags in the room-ok the second best the VIPs allways get reaaly good stuff - we get the best of the tat. . .

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