Friday, 29 October 2004

I wish I had broadband

I finally found the motivation to change the colour scheme of this blog last night.
Nice isn't it.

What do you mean you cant see any difference ?
I spent a whole hour making things disgusting shades of Girlie pink.

Oh yeah, I forgot, some bastard severed the phone connection before I had the chance to save all the changed I made.

I wish I had broadband.


  1. What's this? Editing your posts but no new ones? I haven't had my Earth Girl fix so far this week, and it's nearly Wednesday!

    Would you consider me really rather rude if I said I'm kind of glad that the girlie pink thing didn't work out? I like the bald simplicity of G889.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. I apologise for being a lazy arse and not posting, but I am a lazy arse.
    I'm glad you like the minimalist look of the site, I never considerd that it might be an atractive design feature. Everyone elses blogs are so colourful I thought mine looked drab in comparison. But since you like it i'll keep it!

  4. Yopu see, everyone else has bright blogs to distract from the fact that the content is a bit dull - it's not the appearance that matters but what you write.

    As an example, Random Acts of Reality is pretty similar to yours. Just a bit of colour at the top and that's it - the rest is the text. And that's one of the best blogs around.

    You just keep going - you're great as you are!!