Friday, 8 October 2004

the great mozzerella debate

We have a regular friday ritual in our office. The regular friday-after-work-pub-goers spend most of the day in an email debate deciding if we're going to the canteen at lunchtime for 'fishy friday' and which local pub we should all go to after work. Todays turned into a debate about the nature of mozzerella.
(it should also be noted that carlos is starting a new job in another department on Monday- I hope he has better luck than me!)

TO: Carlos, g889, OHT, Mr Tom , Jospehine
From: Anne

Hello All,
It's a bit early in the day to be thinking about this, but

1. Is anyone partaking in fishy friday today?

2. Is anyone partaking in Friday drinks tonight?

(Carl you need a leaving drinks surely?)

This information is required to get me through the day.

from: Carlos
to: anne, OHT, g889, Josephine, Mr Tom
Today is poisson a vendredi - canteen at 1 I think. And tonight, for my leaving do (for which I'm expecting a present and free beer all night!) I think the Freemasons should be the choice of a new generation. You see, I say probably every Friday 'let's go t'Freemasons' and we always end up in the Garden Shite, so, I'm going t'Freemasons, alone if necessary. But the food sounds really good - I may be tempted tonight to get something tasty.
Here's the link!

from: OHT
to: carlos, Anne , g889, Jospehine, Mr Tom

I'm likin' the sound of the food but in the 'leaves' section the 3rd meal highlights 'hand torn Buffalo Mozzarella' RIGHT:

1. All Mozzarella has to be from a Buffalo, that's why it's called Mozzarella
2 Doesn't 'hand torn' just mean they can't be arsed to use a knife. I hope they wash their hands the filthy buggers!

from: Josephine
to OHT, Anne , Carlos, g889,Mr Tom

We should request to watch the hand tearing of the mozarella, surely messy and unneccesary with a touch of pretencion the pretensious bastards with their pretensiousness.

Maybe we should go somewhere less far....sorry i meant pretensious! (i was joking, honest)

how do you spell pretentious? Oh for a speak and spell!
from: carlos
to:josphine, OHT, Anne, g889, Mr Tom

Is there any other way to break up mozarella? It's all wet and squishy, and comes in a ball shape in watery stuff. A knife would just be harder. So if they wanted to be all pretentious, they should say 'knife chopped mozarella'. Then we'd all say oooooooooo and all would be well with the world again.

Does anyone know what Salsiccia Piccante Chorizo is? I think it's sausage, but I don't know. If it is, then I've seen a pizza with my name on it. And I'm eating pizza during the England game. I'm so continental!
from: Anne
to: carlos, OHT, g889, Josephine, Mr Tom

I have it on good authority that Chorizo is a particularly tasty sausage, a sort of high class pepperoni if you will...
from: Josephine
to:carlos, OHT, Anne, g889, Mr Tom

Surely a knife is easier?

What england game?
from: Carlos
to:josephine, OHT, Anne, g889, Mr Tom

But a knife means more washing up. It's easier just ripping it up putting it where you want. And more fun..... You don't need a knife or a chopping board for that...
England are playing Wales on Saturday - it's a world cup qualifier.

It has to be said that I don't normaly give a toss about football, but will probably end up watching this game purely so i will know what everyone is talking about on Monday.

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