Wednesday, 20 October 2004

clears stuffy nose fast

Is it possible to become addicted to a Vicks inhaler ?

My nose is no longer stuffy but I still find myself reaching for the little plastic nose wand several times a day. . .


  1. Hello!
    Your friendly Internet stalker once again! ;)

    Just going to say I entirely agree with you - it IS possible to get addicted to vicks inhaler. It's a bit like Benolyn addiction.

  2. VICKSJUNKIEE!!5 April 2007 at 07:26

    Heat your vicks up with a lighter and sniff it..

    i am addicted to vicks inhaler.

    i am a junky

    someone help me..

    i cant stop sniffing it in gutters and everything..

    nothing better then getting on the vicks n hitting the town..