Wednesday, 22 September 2004

new job 2

Positive points of new job

1. I am now getting more exercise as I now have to walk to the fax machine and printer more often. Also getting to walk all the way down the corridor to the other side of the office to use the only PC hooked up to the database I need.

2. Managing and prioritising my own workload instead of getting piles of application forms dumped on me and then being told off for not processing them fast enough.

3. A warm and fuzzy sense of accomplishment at finishing mini projects everyday !

4. New monitor and hard drive (with a graphics card). I can now see pictures on my screen instead of grainy pixilated images. YaY !

Negative points of new job

1. Am feeling left out as I'm no longer included in most of the conversations of my old team - even though I am only 2 meters away.

2. I can no longer see the clock as it is now behind me and hidden by a big plant.

3. No longer as bored as I used to be, so keep not noticing that the 2 most important times of the day have snuck up on me (Home time and Lunch time).

4. My boss now sits directly behind me and can see everything on my screen. So I will have to drastically cut down the surfing and perhaps even the blogging ! - She's away this week hence the afternoon blog. . .

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for your comments!

    Surely point 3 in the negative points should be a positive> Home time coming up more quickly? If only...

    Hope it's still going well!