Wednesday, 25 August 2004


In this life you sometimes meet people who you take an instant and irrefutable disliking to. Sharon is one of these people.

Basically she's a bitch. She's very bossy and thinks she is always right even though she's actually ill informed and ignorant. She is one of those people who has to be the centre of attention at all times.

We met when on a holiday organised by a mutual friend. I got along great with the other 4 girls I didn't know but Sharon grated on my nerves from day one. However my dislike turned to hate when we returned. Everyone had a great time and said that they would like to do another trip together so I started to organise a weekend break to Paris.

We were all on fairly tight budgets and so taking this into consideration I found a travel agent that did reduced price eurostar tickets and a highly recommended youth hostel in a good location.

Sharon decided that a youth hostel was beneath her and insisted on staying in a hotel. I looked around but couldn't find anything reasonably priced, so she said she'd find one herself.

She spent so long finding one that met with her approval that the cheap eurostar tickets sold out and so the journey cost £99 instead of £69. When added to the cost of the hotel she decided that this was too expensive so instead of dropping out or suggesting we postpone the trip, she emailed everyone and told them the trip was off because it was too expensive AND strongly inferred that it was my fault !

I know that I will never get along with every one I meet, but Sharon is just simply a bitch.

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